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Mobile Enabled Websites

‘Mobilise’ your website!

With the advent of improved smartphones enabling individuals to peruse the Internet ‘on the go’ it has to be logical that the sites visited should take into account the viewing dimensions of the device. The major networks now provide flat-rate data plans and faster connections to boost mobile data consumption and therefore the number of users accessing websites via mobile device is steadily increasing.

Consider the value to that individual if they are presented with a site that’s built for the browser and uses simple and intuitive links to allow navigation to required information.

First quater 2011 market share by original equipment manufacturer

 2011 market share by original equipment manufacturer

Mobile enabled website pages are cross device compatible requiring only an internet browser to be present. And the opportunities include:

  • Connecting with new and existing customers- please see the FJB Hotels example
  • Expanding on revenue streams- please see the Fitness First exampe
  • Supplying tailored information - please see the Newspan example

Rocktime develops mobile enabled websites that sit separate to the business site(s) and can pull content from a centrally shared database or CMS (Content Management System) if available. If one isn’t then Rocktime Logic CMS can provide this level of content management.

Rocktime Logic CMS offers true cross platform publishing whether website, mobile website, extranet/ intranet, microsite and/ or social media.

Through a defined process of consultancy Rocktime enables a client to understand the benefits that can be realised with a mobile enabled website determining its form and function leading to a planned rollout.

Here are 3 points towards justifying mobile site development:

  1. Statistics – If you use Google Analytics this will supply you with data concerning the amount of traffic that has been generated via mobile devices.
  2. Justification – Does your business lend itself to being ‘mobile’d’ and will the experience of a tailored site increase ‘buy in’ or ‘loyalty’ to the business or brand.
  3. Innovation – Is there a benefit of being able to show a forward thinking attitude towards new technology (believing in the fact that mobile devices are going to be one of the main content vehicles used to access information).

The bare minimum is to determine whether someone would find it beneficial to find your contacts details, business services or products whilst on the move.... the most likely answer will be ‘yes’.

By 2013, Gartner predicts that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

Please visit our regular blog which introduces some of the advances in mobile user experience like QR codes, social media and mobile platforms like MePlease and Foursquare. Marketing Mobile Apps, Facebook Deals and eBay Fashion and Augmented Reality, or contact the Flashlight Team on 01202 678777

Be ahead of the game and get mobile!

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Our comprehensive range of digital agency services includes all aspects of website design and build. For those clients who are looking to add functionality to a new or existing website our core offerings comprise:




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"As most businesses understand...

creating an effective sales and marketing strategy is critical for maximising the benefit and gain for online systems. Rocktime sees it as its duty to openly and clearly involve itself from initial discussions through to completion of all project . Thereafter assist in formulating a vision of the future potential so that the client can leverage the maximum value in raising profile, creating or expanding on a revenue stream(s) and improving the flow of communication."

Let Rocktime create an online advantage for your business - something we have been doing for our clients since 1999.

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