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Internet Marketing

Campaign Objectives Worksheet

When establishing Internet marketing strategy with our clients, we invite them to consider how their current or proposed internet marketing campaigns currently fit with their overall business goals. Using our ROI marketing sales funnel, we review their business requirements against current conversion rates to determine the expected returns of the new campaigns.
We also take time to review our client's target markets, competition and discuss how our success will be determined in future months. Gathering the right data means that we are able to deliver more effective internet marketing campaigns in line with your business goals.

Please note that Internet marketing includes: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Online advertising and search marketing which encompasses all four promotion tools.

The Flashlight team will review your thoughts and provide you with a free evaluation of the online promotion opportunities available to you and your business, so that you can improve, or enhance your current internet marketing strategies.

For more assistance in aligning your business objectives with your online strategies visit our web consultancy page.

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Our comprehensive range of digital agency services includes all aspects of website design and build. For those clients who are looking to add functionality to a new or existing website our core offerings comprise:



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Why not complete the below Campaign Objectives Worksheet, save to PDF and ask your colleagues for more input. Alternatively complete it and send directly to the Flashlight team, or call: 01202 678777

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Your details

* We would recommend that you fill in your contact details, so that we can contact you about your campaign objectives. The contact fields are mandatory, for validation purposes and so the worksheet can be submitted to Flashlight for discussion. However, please feel free to simply use the worksheet to assist you in your meetings and developing a campaign strategy. You can save a pdf or print out a copy. See buttons at the bottom of the worksheet.

Company Name *
Email Address *
Telephone number *

Scope of the marketing campaign

Outline below what this campaign will require from Rocktime.

Campaign Title:
Static areas of your Rocktime website amend/create
(i.e. Update PDF, fix typo, fix links, change delivery details Etc)
Functional areas of your Rocktime website amend/create
(i.e. are any interactive areas of the website going to be amended/created)
Content change to website
For SEO (Natural Search) and Paid Search Conversions
New campaign
(i.e. banners, marketing, URL, tracking)

What are the objectives of this campaign?

Customer satisfaction
Customer retention
Cost save
Business process improvement
Website stickiness (reason to return to site)
Increase website traffic
Increase website leads
Increase website sales
Ring fence customer journey heighten user experience
To test a mixture of messages

Other (please explain here)

Briefly describe how the campaign is intended to achieve these objectives.

This will help you understand what value this campaign will bring to your business.
(For example, how many expected visitors, how many leads or sales do you expect to generate? Is this based on research, previous similar projects, etc? If you need any help at this stage let Rocktime know.)


How will the objectives be measured? And would you like Rocktime to measure the results? Monthly, weekly, daily reporting? Give consideration to what you will be asking of the result

Target Audience

Who is the target audience for this campaign, new or existing customers or particular segment groups, age ranges, demographic regions?

Communication Channels supporting website activity

Which communication channels are being considered pre-and post launch? Is this an integrate campaign (phone, post, external media, paid search campaign Etc)


Is this a long-term (i.e. permanent) or short-term campaign?

What are the key timings (start and end dates) of campaign and if applicable dates for integrated campaigns.

* Start date:
Open the calendar popup.
* End date:
Open the calendar popup.

What are the calls to action on this campaign?

If there are any other points you feel are important please mention them here.

(Example: I need to increase visitor numbers for XY% by month Z; I would like to target comparison sites; Etc)

Please enter the security code to prove that you are human

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