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Percentage Change Calculator

Introduction to the Percentage Change Calculator Tool

A part of prioritising website opportunities is identifying how much you can increase or lower a metric. The percentage change calculation is perhaps the most critical on any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) sheet as it provides a visual change in values from period to period.

The definition of a key performance indicator: "Measures that help you understand how you are doing against your objectives". For a full outline of "what is a KPI" visit this link.

How to use the Percentage Change Calculator

The calculator is designed to give the percentage change from one number value to another.

There are two types of change; a percentage decrease, or increase. An increase from 25000 unique site visitors to 75000 unique site visitors, displays an increase of 200%. This is set as default below.


Percentage Change:
That's a 200.00% increase.

Things to consider with Percentage Change results

five key tips in using the online tool

Tip one:

Taking into account the two words, "measures & objectives" mentioned in the opening text, do make sure your KPI is a KPI and remember to tie the percentage change metric into your objectives & measurable goals, so that you can effectively identify the impact of the change to your business.

Tip two:

When using percentage increases and decreases, don’t forget to use the raw numbers. The raw numbers will provide the context of the results

Tip three:

Where possible segment your percentage change calculation around website segments that matter to you. For example you may notice that you had a 200% increase in site visitors, but on further drill down you identify that 170% went to the Careers Page, rather than your 'send us an enquiry page'. If you are on a recruitment drive, then this change could be something to shout about, if you’re not, well....

Tip four:

The above scenario at tip three, provides further thought on why segmenting the web analytic results can have a big impact to your overall understanding of your website performance
In measuring trends always remember to align the analysis of results back to your overall business objectives, so not to be swamped in numbers.

Tip five:

Website analytics is key to helping you plan and prioritise future website activities, and surprisingly an area which most website owners fail to grasp. This is generally due to not having the resource to produce comprehensive analytic reports. Good news is that when you don’t have the resource in house to analyse your web metrics against your business goals, the Flashlight Search Marketing Team at Rocktime can help.

Further note on measuring change

When reviewing website performance, the Flashlight Search Marketing team regularly use percentage change calculations to provide an overview of activity, (hence the creation of this online calculator tool). Talk to the Flashlight team further about how they can design a web analytic report to bring real value to your business using our ROI Sales Funnel tool.

We do hope this tool and our other internet marketing tools are off use to you, if you would like to see any variations of the tools then let the Flashlight team know. Alternatively you may be interested in the design of a similar useful tool on your site (to assist your customers) or potentially an "Mobile App" if so please get in touch with Rocktime Sales


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