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exceeding expectations

Rocktime Sales Funnel

Do you know...

  • How much traffic you need to reach your targets this year?
  • What your average site conversion rate is for a lead or sale?
  • Your average lead or order value?

- If you have the figures then this funnel can help you identify whether you need to increase reach and open up your internet marketing campaigns further.

- If you don’t have the figures then contact us to discuss the benefits of calculating these figures as part of your overall Internet Strategy.

Add appropriate figures into the text boxes. Click the help icons for more information or alternatively contact the Rocktime Flashlight Team we will talk you through the funnel and help you determine your website Advertising ROI.

To restart the funnel refresh the screen. .


Funnel Calculator

Monthly targets

Website 1

Total visitors required

Do you know how much traffic you need to reach your targets this year?

Rocktime can help you identify the best places online for you to increase your traffic, whether this is through search engine networks, social media portals, online magazines, press release sites, email and affiliates etc. Rocktime can also provide you with an idea of traffic projections relating to your site.
Traffic to Lead / Sale conversion rate on the website. Not taking into account those who do not complete lead or cancel order

Are you aware of your current visit to sale or visit to lead conversion rate?

A conversion rate is the % of traffic that is converted into a lead and/or sale, Rocktime can help you set up analytic tracking on your conversion pages
Leads / sales generated from visits
Average sales order or value of lead /sale from generic customer (not trade)

What is your average sale or lead order value?

Base this over a set period of time to calculate your average value
Income generated based on average lead / sale order value
Cost per click on Paid Search campaign

What is your current cost per click in paid search?

if you are yet to start a PPC campaign, Rocktime can find out this figure for you
Number of clicks / visitors
Average monthly management cost of Paid Search campaign (excluding set up)

What is your current monthly management charge for paid search (if applicable)?

At Rocktime our prices for monthly management of paid search start from as little as £180 a month and are dependent on the size and current structure of your paid search account
Cost of Paid Search campaign
ROI generated

What does this tell me?

This figure determines your ROI for your web marketing and advertising, search engine marketing or Pay per click (PPC) campaigns.
Above - ROI excludes: New customer value (new customer * 1 average order)
ROI with estimated repeat customer transaction

Do you know how many of your customers buy / convert again?

This figure is based every new visitor making at least one average sale on Rocktime can help you continue to reach out to your customers to increase this %.

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Monthly Targets Total Visitors Required Traffic to Lead/Sale Average Sales Order Cost per click Average Management Cost Return on Investment generated Return on Investment with estimated repeat customer transaction


Work out how many visitors you need to make X amount of sales and X amount of revenue.

Funnel Key Statuses

Website targets to be set
Average order value / Customer value
Income generated
Cost to company

Let Rocktime create an online advantage for your business - something we have been doing for our clients since 1999.

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