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Flashlight is Rocktime's Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy service. The Flashlight team has a proven track record for improving client's online visibility.

Let us show you how we can provide your website with greater visibility, engage your customers, and how you will benefit from the Internet Marketing support provided by a professional search engine marketing team.

Flashlight will educate you of the benefits of Search Engine Marketing including:

Let Flashlight advise you on the best Search Engine Marketing route to follow for your business based on your Business goals, objectives and key performance targets – to comprise a strategy of ‘short' and ‘long-term' wins. Flashlight will provide you with the confidence to test, trial and progress with new internet marketing initiatives.

Nothing can match the efficiency or ROI a professionally implemented Search Engine Marketing campaign can generate. We highlight below Flashlight's five main Search Engine Marketing channels - please also download the ‘Flashlight briefing document' which details how we can help your business to succeed online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation also known as natural search and organic search engine optimisation is the most profitable of all the search channels. Flashlight can review your current website, provide you with recommendation and implement these recommendations on your behalf. Alternatively Flashlight can brief and work directly with your IT or Marketing team on SEO implementation strategies, for Local, National and International campaigns.

Paid Search (Pay per Click)

The Flashlight team want your website to achieve its full potential; that means your site generating suitable enquiries and sales. Pay-per-Click (PPC) can position and offer your business immediate, qualified leads. The method by which PPC works means that campaign budgets are fixed and thus a demonstrable ROI can be applied.

Flashlight can help your Paid Search objectives with a process of consultancy leading to the creation and management of PPC campaigns on your behalf. Alternatively (if applicable) we can review your existing PPC campaigns with a view to generating a better ROI and thus allow further optimisations on new campaigns.

Online Social Media Strategy

Flashlight can review the opportunities for online social media growth for your business. The Flashlight team utilise social networks to help identify where your customers 'congregate' online, and enhance your reach and targeting to these relevant social networks. If you wish to create a social network of your own, talk to Rocktime about that too. Flashlight can help you create and manage blogs, bespoke forums and Wiki platforms.  Find out more how Rocktime can help you with your social media strategy.


Web Analytic Reporting

The Flashlight team, regularly create bespoke Web Analytics reports tailored around our clients business needs. Many of our clients use our ROI Marketing Sales Funnel once their web site conversion rates have been determined.

To maximise on your Internet marketing efforts, Flashlight recommend the below main focuses:

Using web analytics Flashlight can:

Benchmark your brand online (competitor review, ranking reporting, reputation management) and help you review your site's:

  • Attraction rate (eg: Visits from referred sites, campaigns on and offline)
  • Engagement rate (eg: Number of pages viewed, email sign up, drop offs)
  • Persuasion rate (eg: Number of conversions from click, ad)
  • Commitment rate (eg: Number of repeat, loyal visitors, repeat purchases)
  • Return on Investment (eg: Review CPC, CPCA , Conversion rates on product/ service line by channel)

For a free consultation and review of your company’s internet presence please give us a call on 01202 678777.
Alternatively join us at one of our Internet marketing seminars.

Our Products

hummingbirdWe grow our own

Our comprehensive range of digital agency services includes all aspects of website design and build. For those clients who are looking to add functionality to a new or existing website our core offerings comprise:




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Social Media Toolkit

Find out how Rocktime can help you understand more about your social landscape and how through collaborative working we can help you define your social media strategies.

SEM Campaign Objectives Worksheet

We regularly create online tools for our clients, several include web database developments The Sales team has lots of examples to share with you. Please contact them to discuss.

What's Your Return?

Calculate the ROI of your internet marketing spend using our ROI Marketing Sales Funnel

Case Study


Rocktime, in partnership with Brand Experts Idealogy, has implemented an integrated approach to all areas of Simple’s brand, creative content, digital and social media campaigns, The Simple brand has gained a massive increase in visitor numbers through interactive games, questionnaires, VIP blogs, competitions and customer led products and all played out on the social networks, with content that is relevant. Simple is now leading the way in engaging teenage girls in the skincare market and will soon be appointing official video bloggers.

Let Rocktime create an online advantage for your business - something we have been doing for our clients since 1999.

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