Cloud Services

We have created a comprehensive range of web hosting packages tailored specifically to the needs and budgets of your business.

Cloud hosting can be provided either through one of our Rocktime failover or low-populated web servers, the rental of a Rocktime-owned server, or the installation of a client-owned server behind Rocktime's hardware firewall.

We understand that your business relies on your website and business systems, and that means efficient and reliable cloud hosting. That's why our clients' websites are hosted on a server with the capacity to hold their website as currently exist, plus an allowance of up to 50% expansion during the life of the contract.

As part of the development of any system being the system architects we're in the best position to understand what hosting requirements are needed, not just from day one but for the long-term. We understand that your needs will grow and adapt with your business, that's why we establish your hosting requirements with a view to a long-term plan of expansion and account for such factors as:

  • Power and air conditioning criteria
  • Security and resiliency standards
  • High redundancy and low latency network
  • Automatic multiple backup providers - split across multiple London facilities
  • Automatic website backup
  • 24/7 support
  • Monitored website maintenance

Specialist provider of Cloud hosting services

Our high-performance web servers are located with Microsoft Azure, IDE Group's data centre in Bournemouth, Dorset along with access to a number of other locations across the UK as well as further afield globally. Our range of web hosting solutions for business includes:

  • Dedicated hosting
  • SQL Server hosting
  • ASP.NET hosting
  • MySQL Server Hosting
  • Low Population Quick Recovery Web Servers
  • Failover Web Servers
  • eCommerce website hosting
  • CMS (Content Management System) hosting
  • Database hosting
  • Intranet and extranet hosting

If you have a hosting requirement that you would like to speak to us about please get in touch.

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