Training Programmes

Rocktime provides user training as part of the delivery of any developed cloud software or website. Our process involves:

Assessing end user activity

Rocktime will create a training plan based on evaluation of the technical skill level required to operate the system or website on a daily basis. As it is expected that there will be differing roles and responsibilities this will be organised based on their individual tasks and access rights to the system.

Training delivery methods

As part of the aforementioned process the delivery method will be determined based on:

  • User skill levels established as part of the needs assessment
  • Numbers of user to be trained
  • Timeframe for rollout of system (and whether this will be carried out in phases)

Delivery of training may be carried out according to the following:

  • Individual training – one on one basis walking the user individually through the process of performing common tasks.
  • Group training – multiple user approach based on the aforementioned.
  • Train the trainer – a more intensive programme which accounts for the above but with the intention of empowering an individual to carry out internal training themselves.


Delivery method considers the location of individuals and costs associated with its delivery which can be carried out as:

  • Classroom training – located at the offices of the client with provision for tools to facilitate it or at the office of Rocktime.
  • Webinar - Using a shared desktop inviting one or more individuals to participate. This options is often preferable as it removes the need for travel and allows individual(s) to remain at their workstation with little or no impact on their daily tasks.

Tailored Training Programme

All training programmes are tailored according to the system deployed.

Scalable Training Programme

Rocktime is able to provide a scalable training programme to account for such circumstances where a small number of users require training (for instances prior to deployment) and thereafter a larger number (for instance on organisational rollout).

Ongoing Training Support

Rocktime is able to provide periodic or ‘point in time’ training to support new user introductions to the system or refresher training. Such service is tailored according to the specific needs identified.

If you have a project that would you would like to discuss with us please get in touch.

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