Hospitality & Leisure

Digital marketing has changed the hospitality landscape. This sector has a greater need for consumer engagement and discussion which if managed correctly offers huge opportunity for growth. In order to take advantage of this it is important to appoint a specialist provider, a digital agency with in-depth knowledge of the sector. The hospitality challenge is to grow profitability across all aspects of the business, such as growing bookings, securing occupancy, selling spa packages, gym memberships, weddings and conferences events.

Rocktime provides a unique combined service of digital marketing consultancy (conception, design and delivery) and software development (Web, CRM, CMS and e-commerce). The Rocktime team comprises of business people who are digitally and business aware. Rocktime adds value by:

  • Providing market focussed, business development strategies.
  • Providing quantifiable digital development creating a results-driven, multi-platform internet presence and digital solutions
  • Maintaining an uncluttered focus on this specialist area

Rocktime is a specialist hospitality software developer. Our development team build bespoke systems for our clients, these include; intranets, compliance systems, standalone digital products, sales tools and applications. Rocktime understands the challenges and opportunities of the sector and works with hospitality right across the spectrum to develop strategies for increasing revenue and profitability.

If you are either a franchise, managed group, or local independent Rocktime have experience in serving clients like you.


The spa market has changed drastically in recent years and is fast becoming a highly-commoditised product. Therefore, a bespoke digital on-line strategy is imperative.

Through the digital medium Rocktime establish visibility and site differentiation via the identification of unique member benefits resulting in improved revenue and profitability through direct sales. Key challenges within the sector include:

  • Reducing reliance on 3rd party websites through creating a unique, value added proposition on the spas own website.
  • Using the 'voucher' concept for your own digital marketing campaigns, thereby increasing profitability.
  • Generating direct online bookings, minimising the daily demand on reservationists and again focussing on profitability.

Independent Clubs & Groups

The constant requirement for a unique, current value proposition for the growing health and fitness market is a challenge faced by all within this sector. Coupled with the 'cheap gym' concept, Health Clubs need to clearly communicate the benefits and value of the product, over and above the fitness equipment and raw facilities. Along with the commoditized gym, the larger health club brands are driving the industry's digital marketing in terms of online joining, member forums and more - an ideal area for a strategic social media presence. Communicating your USP's and connecting with prospects and members is imperative as part of both an acquisition and retention strategy.

I want to make fitness more accessible, affordable and reverse the industry attrition trends.

Colin Waggett, CEO Fitness First Group
The challenge has been to retain its long-term membership in an industry where member attrition can be as high as 80% per annum.

Rocktime provided, digital workshops, content mapping, on-line profiling, pan-European roll-out, brand extension, web server management, E-CRM, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), campaign websites, member-focused web engagements, system integration, mobile site and integration.