Public Sector

In the public sector, cost pressures, customer demand and central government directives are the top three drivers for digital transformation. The organisation's' aim is to increase efficiency and improve citizens experience of their government service.

Many public organisations agree that a cohesive user experience is necessary for success; but only a minority have the digital strategy and design capabilities to deliver positive end-user experiences.


Why Rocktime?

Rocktime are a trusted partner for many public sector organisations who choose to either engage with us directly or through the UK Government's Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud). We help improve efficiency, raise service quality and reduce costs by creating web based systems using the latest .Net technology.

We cover all local government operations from customer management, HR and property development to back-office processing, administration and IT. We can deliver stand alone or fully integrated systems that provide an end-to-end business process.

The pressure to deliver better for less is an ever-present challenge and it is clear that this is not going to change. We can help you get the most out of your budget with an unbeatable combination of usable innovation, consultative approach, long-established sector experience, unrivalled skills, scale, flexibility and resource.

Find out more on how we can help you:

Channel Shift / Self Service

Reduce 'Avoidable contact' by moving services online

The potential savings and benefits of channel shift have really been driven to the fore In these austere times, and the savings to be had are both real and significant. We know that our clients are looking to drive down costs to protect frontline services and here at Rocktime we are embracing this need by developing new systems to enable self-service and reduce avoidable contact through online platforms.

This requires radical thinking and innovation from us and really highlights the very reason the London Borough of Camden has commissioned Rocktime to deliver four separate projects over the last two years to the borough. The systems which include a new Schools Led Partnership project and a Landlord accreditation system will allow the borough to make considerable cost savings by moving services online in an agile, integrated, cross-cutting fashion whilst allowing the borough to really connect I.T innovation to their business needs.

Aside from this, our work with the Welsh Government has seen Rocktime re-commissioned to deliver nationally led scheme to educate and license PRS landlords through an innovative system covering the whole of Wales allowing substantial savings over a manual process which would be slow, costly and labour intensive.

Channel shift successes

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council reported a saving of £172,000 per year with the first 28 transactions offered online and a savings of £60,000 from closing their paper application process for free school meals.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council was able to achieve a drop of 10,000 incoming calls per year, by providing a Winter page from October through to March to provide key links and information reported a 5% year-on-year reductions in calls since 2005 using a coordinated channel shift programme.

If you are considering moving more services online to enable self-service, then we would like to talk to you about our services and how we can bring real value and innovation to your business unit. Our specialists can help you through the process and highlight ways to:

  • Identify and target specific opportunities for efficiency
  • Create a proposition that works for the customer
  • Promote uptake and manage demand
  • Match customers, processes and communication strategies

Business Process Transformation

Free Up Time and Resources by Improving Your Processes Using Technology

Everyday business processes can be tiresome, costly and sap resources that are tasked with reading / filing, qualifying and approving documents that have little importance or impact of the goals of the business unit.

Rocktime provide expertise in strategising and developing solutions that will simplify your business processes by developing systems that will automate and reduce the workload on your team. We employ the latest technology and will take care of processes that are peripheral to your business leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities.

Our work with Foreign and Commonwealth office has seen us build a highly secure portal for Diplomatic Service Families Association (DSFA) that features time and resource saving ways to communicate and disseminate information to families wherever they are in the world.

For the London Borough of Camden we have developed a wide range of the specialised systems that consolidate a number of varied requirements from different business units in to one system, thus automating a number of processes saving time and adding a layer of accountability that was previously not available.

Our business process transformation expertise runs across the whole spectrum of common operational services, such as CRM, business unit consolidation, licensing solutions, online booking systems and registration systems.

Moving from manual in-house process to specialist web based solution gives your organisation the benefit of economies of scale, a range of expertise and resources, and flexible delivery options. Our experts are able to transform existing services, or design and create completely new ones.

Document Management

Creating Intelligent, Scalable Solutions For Document And Multimedia Storage And Archiving

Insurance, legal, finance or even public facing forms, documents and multi-media assets make up a big part of the administrative processes in the public sector.

Keeping control of these assets can be a challenge for local authorities of all sizes. Business units can quickly become bogged down by both paper based documents and their electronic counterparts. And with archiving laws demanding even more forms being properly stored for many years. It's time for a fresh approach.

Rocktime create intelligent document storage systems that are both scale-able and robust. Using the latest browser based technology we have been commissioned to create document management and archiving systems for both private and public sector clients alike.

Private sector clients such as Dixons Retail and New Look Clothing have benefited from our document management expertise, whilst public sector clients such as the BBC, London Landlords Accreditation scheme and Cardiff Council are all using our document management and archiving solutions.

Typical features include:

  • Full integration with scanner / copier software APIs
  • Permission based access allows named person access to secure documents
  • Scalable & Searchable
  • Full version control and workflow management
  • Personal / departmental or project based hierarchical navigation
  • Full local desktop integration allows drag and drop storage and notifications

Licencing & Accreditation

Creating Effective Licensing and Accreditation Solutions

Consumer or business licensing & permits can be a real drain on public sector resources. Lengthy application processes, qualifying, scoring and completion of background checks can all add to the already arduous process of tracking, creating or renewing applications. Using the latest .Net technology Rocktime work with a number of public sector clients to create automated web based licensing solutions that are both cost effective and fully integrated.

Our work with both Cardiff Council and the London Borough of Camden has seen Rocktime commissioned to build Landlord Licensing accreditation schemes, Private Rental Sector (PRS) and Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licensing schemes. These systems not only provide licensing applications and management they are fully integrated with background checking and payment systems and provide e-learning delivery platforms for ongoing CPD accreditation.

Developed a nationwide PRS landlord accreditation & licensing system for the Welsh Government that goes well beyond the statutory licensing requirements and delivers engagement and innovation not previously seen in this field.

Other licensing application solutions that Rocktime deliver include:

  • Alcohol and Entertainment
  • Personal
  • Premises and club premises
  • Temporary event notice (TEN)
  • Provisional statement
  • Sex shops and cinemas
  • Street entertainer

Skips and Buildings

  • Building, scaffold, hoarding, temporary crossover or gantry licence
  • Building materials
  • Highway projection
  • Skips


  • Scrap metal dealer's registration
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Gaming machine permits and notifications
  • Animals
  • Street trading including market stalls
  • Massage and special treatments
  • Houses in multiple occupations (HMOs)
  • Other licences
  • Bespoke licensing solutions


E-learning can come in many guises and help to solve a multitude of problems. From providing employee training to internal staff, public facing training that may form a part of a larger move to provide online training to members of the public for licensing or support.

Rocktime works in partnership with a number of public sector clients to deliver its E-learning platform in a way that will deliver maximum value and benefit to the business unit.

Having worked with and delivered platform solutions to high profile clients such as DHL Worldwide Express, our knowledge and expertise in delivering integrated for standalone e-learning and examination solutions is second to none.

Common features include:

  • Rapid Authoring tools to aid slide or module production
  • Fully customisable interface and user dashboard environment
  • Integration with API's and e-commerce functionality
  • Supports CPD and examination functions

Bespoke Digital Assets

With the boundaries between work and play becoming ever more blurred, and service users having a wide range of connected devices local authorities have never had a better opportunity to move more services online. The business case for online delivery is clear. Reduced workload on internal staff reduced avoidable contact, greater accountability and scalability and simplification of complex business processes.

But what about if your service requires an online solution that is not available out of the box what if your service has a tight delivery deadline or requires specialist integration

Rocktime works with a number of public and private sector clients to consult on, scope design and build bespoke business systems that allow them to move complex process online.

Getting the right system in place requires a well thought out strategy. This process starts with getting to know you, the project stakeholders and the target audience. To do this we need to understand the vision of your business unit and your level of understanding of the digital world as well as your challenges and timescales.

We build the relationship based on consulting with you to educate, inform and solve your business problems using digital excellence and the latest technology.

We understand that your requirements of us will differ from our other clients therefore we work with you to identify where you are on the digital maturity cycle so that we are able to offer you the service that you require.

Our digital expertise allows us to engage with you at senior board, management or department level to help define your goals and ambitions and then hone solutions to enable you to realise them. We work within local, government officers as well as cabinet offices to plan, develop and deliver bespoke business systems.