Ecommerce Platforms

We provide enterprise level expertise for the development of multi-channel eCommerce websites that are integrated with internal systems and designed to be engaging for your customers.

We understand that with an ever changing online environment, you require a platform that is able to adapt according to market trends whilst also being best of breed to maximize its exposure across the digital landscape and accessible on all devices in a responsive framework.

Our strategic approach to defining the objectives for an eCommerce website will account for your

  • Market Position
  • Brand Aspirations
  • Product / Service Segmentation
  • Customer Segments
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

We believe in the importance of developing a strategy that focuses on your business objectives whilst also accounting for your intended customers' experience.

We will assist you in understanding firstly where you are along your eCommerce maturity cycle by analysing your existing strategy as well as evaluating your market position and direct and indirect competitors. We will help you to determine your proposition differentiators be it on service or product.

We develop for both B2C and B2B markets understanding the differences that are necessary for both audiences by implementing functionality that supports the purchasing process and ensures maximum revenue profitability for you whilst also encouraging increased basket completions.

Rocktime's proven ecommerce platform "Source" is built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology to provide a seamless marriage of website design, search engine friendly build and a breadth of functionality to maximise online sales opportunities.

Since it is likely that the development of an eCommerce website will involve integration with other systems, we will undertake a data architecture analysis and from this make appropriate recommendations.

Our websites are able to integrate with:

  • Account Systems
  • Stock Management Systems
  • Warehouse and Retail Systems
  • Internal Databases
  • CRM Systems
  • Courier Systems
  • Payment Gateway Providers
  • SMS Gateways

Some 3rd party systems we integrate with: