Intranets & Extranets

Our intranet platform allows you to control a diverse range of information efficiently, and most importantly communicate, manage and share this information internally between relevant staff. Our extranet platform includes functionality extended to include access for 'external' people, for example customers, suppliers and partners.

An intranet is a private - internal - business network that enables your employees to share information, collaborate, and improve their communications.

An extranet enables your business to communicate and collaborate more effectively with selected business partners, suppliers and customers. An extranet can play an important role in enhancing business relationships and improving supply chain management.

Our intranet and extranet platforms allow your business to implement varying levels of access and user rights e.g. defining what each person can see and whether they can make changes to such information. In addition both platforms can be accessible securely over the internet via a web browser, consequently removing the constrictions of site-specific geography. As long as staff and users are connected to the internet they can securely access the company intranet or extranet.

This flexibility creates an ideal, efficient and cost effective environment for organisations that operate over multiple sites (or countries) and companies that have remote staff, for example home workers or support teams constantly out of office. Our platform can also be enabled to operate within an office environment on existing architecture such as a local or wide-area network. The extranet extends this functionality to allow secure interaction with your valued partners such as customers, suppliers and representatives. This is of considerable benefit not only for the sharing of selected information, but importantly in streamlining functions such as a helpdesk. A well planned and implemented extranet can considerably enhance business and organisational efficiencies.

Rocktime Intranet key benefits:

  • Communicate between offices and remote staff securely and instantly
  • Share, organise and schedule people and resources
  • Content Management System allows administrators to securely manage and disseminate information
  • Enhance staff communications and procedures
  • Manage staff functions such as booking holidays, inductions, training
  • Search and locate information rapidly (by words/ topic/ directory etc.)
  • Build knowledge and document libraries for easy reference
  • Communicate company news instantly including electronic newsletters
  • Group and distribute relevant information to relevant people
  • Allow interaction such as discussion forums/ FAQ?s
  • Extensive reporting for administrators and users
  • Integrate with existing systems such as HR
  • Branded intranet design
  • Secure intranet hosting

Rocktime Extranet key benefits:

  • Communicate with valued partners such as customers, suppliers and representatives
  • Communicate securely and instantly 24/7 via an internet connection
  • Content Management System (CMS) allows authorized administrators to securely manage the Extranet
  • Manage and disseminate branded information ? Share, organise and schedule people and resources
  • Publish catalogues and reference documents
  • Manage and streamline helpdesk functions
  • Process events such as claims and orders efficiently
  • Build knowledge and document libraries for easy reference and search
  • Communicate company news instantly
  • Allow interaction and debate such as discussion forums/ FAQ
  • Extensive reporting for administrators and users
  • Personalise user profiles and access
  • Integrate with existing systems such as accounting and CRM
  • Branded extranet design
  • Secure extranet hosting
  • Data Migration