Marketing Websites

We understand the importance of developing engaging and highly functional websites for our clients whether the aim is to strengthen the market position and/or to bring it in line with the real world.

The reason a website exists, the need it meets, should be readily and easily identifiable. It should also display a consistent tone, language, branding and messaging. The user experience (UX) plays a key role in helping visitors to use, understand and stick around on your company website. Therefore, it must be balanced with design for it to provide value.

Whether the project is a campaign to launch a new product or to improve upon the general presentation of the company website we will take the same approach; we will help you define your website objectives and user profiles to determine the website design strategy and platform solution. As part of this process, we'll either work with your established brand guidelines and /or create a new set of digital ones.

In today's technology age we understand that your audience will be accessing the website using different mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, therefore our solutions are designed to be responsive, adapting their layout so that the user experience is the best it can be no matter what size of screen it is being viewed through.

The delivered solution will include a Content Management System (CMS) so that you are able to update the websites as and when required as well as creating new site pages and controlling their optimisation. Our websites are also able to integrate with internal databases and CRM systems.

Our proposition is simple:

  • Present your company appropriately to reflect market position
  • Develop a structure based on key website personas and key website goals in mind
  • Build in intuitive user journey with clear call-to-actions for optimizing conversions
  • Ensure it responds to enhance the user experience on any mobile device
  • Maximise search engine friendliness

... the end result will speak for itself.