Solutions that deliver tangible results

We are passionate about transforming our clients digital presence through customer focused and integrated software solutions.

We believe that only when your online marketing, customer experience, internal processes and use of technology are in alignment will the big wins from digital investment become a reality.


Using Web Technology offers business the medium from which to effectively re-imagine the manner in which it desires to communicate. The Internet has revolutionised how we engage and interact with each other as well as how we access information and data. Hardware has become an enabler offering an ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ mentality complimenting and encouraging the growth of software to satisfy the ever-increasing consumer appetite.

At Rocktime we understand technology and move to continually harness its potential through the development of logical and intelligent software. As the architects of all our systems our team is able to innovate continually pushing boundaries and actively seeking out new application for new ideas. This approach benefits our clients immediately from the first workshop or brainstorming session with fresh thinking and real-world application.    


As business grows so do the challenges with managing and defining improvements to daily tasks performed. Streamlining internal processes stimulates greater efficiency, provides reductions in time and improvements in quality and output.

At Rocktime we understand the importance of workflow automation and we focus on involving those individuals performing the activities with the aim of empowering them for the betterment of the organisation. 


Rocktime provides a full range of integration services where there is a need to involve differing applications and data sources to ensure seamless data interchange and integration of business rules. 

We're able to communicate with existing legacy platforms and apply business workflow logic for enterprise mobility. 

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