API Service for postcode lookup

As part of Rocktime's delivery of the award winning versoTM platform, our supporting Gazetteer API service accesses the national address database and is available to all local authority via a simple interface offering up to date and live lookup of UK postcodes and address datasets.

This service removes the need for continual download and manual review of datasets providing a powerful tool to streamline local authority processing.

Rocktime Gazetteer API

The Rocktime Gazetteer service provides a simple API for Postcode lookups, returning a list of addresses within a postcode, including partial postcodes. This allows local authorities admin users outside of the LLPG custodian and team to access data.

The Rocktime Gazetteer Data Application can also provide access through a simple web interface allowing Council LLPG data to be available to 3rd party users outside of the local authority in a secure manner.

The Rocktime Gazetteer consumes LLPG data in DTF 3.7.1 csv Format.

The import is able to bulk load COU or full files.

The service collects dtf files from any server with ftp access and imports overnight (or more frequently if required). This ensures that consumers of the Council LLPG data are viewing data that is only hours old.

A drop-in DLL library exists that implements the API look ups, allowing simple integration with other applications.

With a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model (starting from as little as £25 per 1000 look-ups), the service can be shared across websites and business systems within the council.

If you are interested in our service and its associated costs please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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