Harnessing the power of Web Technology

At Rocktime we've delivered digital solutions across market sectors from the largest multi-national to SME using Digital Transformation. Using a partnership approach we support all our clients with their online ambitions helping to create a strategic vision that meets with the demands of business and follows a roadmap of development and improvement. 

Public Sector

In the public sector, cost pressures, citizen demands and central government directives are the top three drivers for digital transformation. We understand that the aim is to increase efficiency and improve citizens experience of government service. Most public organisations agree that a cohesive user experience is necessary for success; but to achieve this requires a strategy for Digital Transformation to deliver positive end-user experiences. 

Rocktime has developed versoTM as a license automation and case management system as part of its investment in the Public Sector which has become an award winning market leading proposition for local authorities.

Professional Services

With the advent of big data, cloud platforms, social media and artificial intelligence there is a need to continually assess how a company adapts to change. Digital technology is a disruptor for professional services as more tools and channels offer opportunities to improve and excel the delivery of client services.

For a business to truly embrace opportunities offered it requires the development of a digital strategy that establishes the right mix of back office IT environments through to client communications.


Companies within the property sector have faced many challenges over recent years in the manner in which they market and deliver their products and services. Through that period has come an understanding of how Digital Strategy and web technology can support a business to be fast and flexible for marketing activities, streamlined and efficient with account management services and more profitable with online transaction processing.

For Estate Agents the larger 3rd party aggregator portals have strengthened their position online forcing agents to include them as one of their main lead generation channels and this has changed their thinking of how their brand should be positioned online as well as the composition of their marketing website...

Manufacturing & Distribution

Central to manufacturing and distribution is management of workflow, quality control, process, projects, and product life cycle. Each one of these challenges has a known software solution; however these are often generic off-the-shelf solutions that are not always constructed with your company in mind.

Marketing in manufacturing and distribution comes with its own unique set of challenges as enterprises often exclusively sell business-to-business based on a technical capability, and industry buyers often know little or nothing about the product that they are purchasing as they work from a list of required part-numbers. Hence differentiating your proposition from the competition is a challenge. In these circumstances, if you are to succeed,...


The Retail Sector has realised online growth year on year and with this a greater understanding of the need to understand the behaviour of their digital customers. Rocktime works closely with retailers to provide insights into:

Business Transformation: Changing the way they run their businesses by embracing new technology

Customer Experience: Reviewing the online data for developing a single view of customer and optimising touch points

Digitising Operations: Bringing agility in platform building and digitising processes to easily roll out new ideas, innovation and new features to market. 

Hospitality & Leisure

Digital marketing has changed the hospitality landscape. This sector has a greater need for consumer engagement and discussion which if managed correctly offers huge opportunity for growth. In order to take advantage of this it is important to appoint a specialist provider with in-depth knowledge of the sector. We understand that the hospitality market challenge is to grow profitability across all aspects of the business, such as growing bookings, securing occupancy, selling spa packages, gym memberships, weddings and conferences events.

Rocktime provides software development (Web, CRM, CMS and e-commerce). The Rocktime team comprises of business people who are digitally and business aware. Rocktime adds value by:

  • Providing market...

Energy & Utility

The Energy & Utility market is continuing on a path of digital transformation as companies seek to engage more closely with their customers whilst also streamlining service offerings and launch new innovative products. Additionally, competition from smaller utility companies has spurred the need to partner with other companies and as such become a full-service provider.

The world of personalisation has seen a fundamental shift in the Energy & Utility sector from the mass market mentality to one that engages with customers on a one-on-one basis tailoring services and empowering individuals to control how they consume it. This trans-active energy needs a two-way system and a customer base who are involved with the dynamic pricing...

Latest news & highlights

Verso All Licensing rollout to North Devon Council

Following extensive consultation, Rocktime is pleased to confirm the contract for the rollout of the Verso All Licensing Platform for North Devon Council to replace their legacy systems. The verso SaaS platform will replace the local authorities pdf application forms and manual data entry with a purpose built out-the-box solution for Licensing.

  • Sefton Council expands use of Verso to include Taxi Licensing

    Sefton Council expands use of verso for Taxi Licensing applications providing applicants with the ability to manage and submit their applications online. The Verso Taxi Licensing platform provides an intuitive customer friendly experience that is optimised for user engagement and ease of navigation on any device and modern web browser.

  • Verso All Licensing rollout to Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils

    Rocktime is pleased to confirm the contract for the rollout of the Verso All Licensing Platform for Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils to replace the legacy Idox Lalpac system. The verso SaaS platform will replace the local authorities pdf application forms and manual data entry for Licensing (including Alcohol & Entertainment, Taxi, Gambling, Business and Animal Licensing) with a purpose built out-the-box solution for Licensing.

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