Enable your audience to access information 'at the point of need' by presenting a QR code.

UPTOTHEMINUTE is a cloud-based QR code generator platform that allows businesses to host and share information, from one to many, at the point of need from specific locations. Living in unusual times where our ability to freely move around requires that we're provided with up-to-the-minute information that can help to shape our decisions is paramount.

With simplicity in mind our platform offers all industry sectors the ability to generate any number of information statements based on written content, images and video and constantly update these as and when.

With example use cases its application can include:

HR - Inform employees when and where necessary as they perform their job roles and circulate in a work environment.

Social - Share information with people moving through a space either on a regular or occasional basis such as: village hall, pubs, bars, gym, restaurants, club, etc.

Education - Supply learning material in digital formats that can be easily accessed 'as and when' and from where necessary. Inform parents and guardians on updates to services provided.

Equipment - Label equipment to enable access to associated information whether relating to user manuals, asset register and/ or service records.

Health & Safety - Provide access to policies and procedures relating to working within specific environments and/ or equipment.

Hospitality - Inform and enlighten customers as part of delivering a service. Allow them quick and easy access to information such as room service and/ or amenities.

Travel - Provides up-to-date information on transport to an audience that is travelling on and through spaces.

For more information please contact us or visit our cloud platform UPTOTHEMINUTE.

Features include:

  • Simple pricing model which offers you the ability to purchase credits whenever needed for QR codes
  • User dashboard to manage library of uploaded documents
  • Unique URLs assigned to QR codes

Register now with a few details that will enable you to quickly start uploading your message to create a QR code to print and share.

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