Are you prepared for a data disaster? Have a plan and ensure that you can recover should the worst happen.

Guy St John Tubbs

I was first presented with voice enabled technology with Apple’s Siri on my then latest Iphone. Being able to control access to information by voice alone was a novelty and with a little practice basic commands such as ‘Siri what’s the weather today’ returned useful responses. Having said that, I fell quickly back to old practices of just thumbing searches and paid little attention to it until the advent of Google Home.

Alex McCreath

It took two days of using the train when I first started at Rocktime to convince me that the 6-mile commute could and would be better covered by two wheels. It was summer time after all and how hard could it be to turn myself into the cycle commuter I had always dreamt of being? Just like the 40% of my colleagues who also ride to work here at Rocktime.

Matt Bowers