A split second is all you will get

To grab the attention of your next website visitor, whether your organisation is large or small, having a responsive website will help you stand out from the crowd while increasing customer engagement and conversions. With such a short time to get that customer attention when they land on your site, it’s imperative that they are impressed from the outset and provided with visual interest to browse and navigate further.

Over recent years we’ve seen the articles on how mobile phones and tablets will take over desktops when it comes to how people access the Internet.

That time has now arrived with more and more people choosing to browse using a tablet or a smartphone. Fuelled by the availability of 4G from major networks, downloading and accessing websites on the go is a prerequisite and customers are expecting the same sleek user experience on their mobile devices as they would get on a desktop.

By tailoring experiences to all device resolutions, your website will re-size and reorder content that displays it in the best possible way. It’s worth taking time to consider the customer journey ensuring they enjoy a personalised experience with access to relevant content as and when they need it. This means ensuring complete system integration of your CRM, CMS and business management software across your website.

Here are some of the methods your organisation may apply to have an up-to-date responsive website:

  • Greater reach – make it easy for customers who prefer to use a tablet or smartphone to access your website
  • Improve sales and conversions – why not include a ‘click and call’ functionality to avoid cumbersome redirections
  • Boost search engine visibility – Google algorithms prioritise websites in search results that are optimised for mobile platforms
  • Content shaped to mobile device – no lengthy pages of information
  • Avoid content duplication – single website, single updates across all device types
  • Optimise – the user experience
  • Consolidate analytics – identify visitors by their device, to enable you to monitor and report accordingly

It is likely your customers will be searching for and accessing the Internet all day, every day wherever they are, their demand for information will be in the most convenient way on their preferred device. Having a clean, responsive, technically up-to-date website will make a great first impression encouraging customers to get in touch.

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