Sefton Council expands use of Verso to include Taxi Licensing

The Verso Taxi platform provides automatic validation of application information and automated processes ensure application data is accurate, whilst providing applicants with their own user-dashboard, that provides concise information on the status of their application, required actions and notifications. 

The versoTM platform customer dashboard allows for application/requests for service 24/7.  The dashboard can be used by the applicant to track application progress, as well as to upload required documents in support of their application, view correspondence (email/SMS)/download documents or leaflets from the Licensing Team & communicate with Licensing (two-way).

The account holder can also maintain their profile contact details and advise of any change of circumstances. The account holder can fill in the common data fields, named individuals and assign a reference to the record. This allows the applicant to select the saved data reference to auto populate the relevant fields with the application form, saving the applicant considerable time in completing the application form and reducing the margin for error.  

The versoTM platform includse the following online application processes: 

  • Taxi Driver (New/Renewal) 
  • Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle (New/Renewal) 
  • Omnibus Vehicle (New/Renewal) 
  • Private Hire Operator (New/Renewal) 
  • Complaints 


Why choose verso™ for taxi licensing? 
verso™ software is designed to automate the process of Taxi & Private Hire licensing application either as a stand-alone or integrated solution.

Key features include:

Streamlined processes based on considered workflows 
Operational cost savings 
Removed reliance on internal IT support 
Minimal user testing based on being off the shelf 
Enhanced citizen user experience 
Reduced administration 
Greater flexibility to access across different devices 

Contact us today or sign up for a free no obligation online demonstration to discover how verso can offer you increased efficiency by transforming your taxi licensing process.

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