The framework has you…

Frameworks are everywhere. They exist in everything we do every day, to help us perform our daily activities. They take care of repetitive tasks and help us provide structure and order to our lives, allowing us to grow and evolve faster.

It was inevitable in Web Development, that we would eventually build frameworks to help us speed up tasks and take care of otherwise laborious work.

Starting from 00100 001000 00110111 0001.... what?... code has now become far more readable and easier to work with.

In the last eight years, frameworks have been constructed in JavaScript allowing us to evolve our web development approach and provide you with instant / faster results. This has always been possible to achieve. However, frameworks take care of all those annoying repetitive tasks, which provides us with the structure we so desire as programmers.

We need to plan a flexible build approach within the guided structures of our chosen framework

We are now at a level where we use JavaScript frameworks to render some components before your web page renders to help ensure pages load quickly. This is referred to as ‘server-side rendering’.

As we have seen technology progress so much over time, we should never settle our approach as ‘the end result’. It may fit the purpose for now, but we can always progress and strive towards the next evolutionary idea.

Or should I say framework…

This is why we need to build for the future and deeply understand how our frameworks are constructed. We need to plan a flexible build approach within the guided structures of our chosen framework, thus allowing us to easily maintain and grow to support new features and version upgrades.

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