Using Technology To Share Information At 'Point of Need'

The advent of the Coronavirus Covid-19 has, like no other time, shown the importance of ‘effective communication’. We have discovered that sharing information at a specific ‘point in time’ allows us to make decisions on the way that we function secure in the knowledge that we’re doing it armed with the right information for us. We do live in a time where technology has become invaluable but it does come with some limitations and that revolves around the wealth of information that is available and our ability to disseminate it as and when it benefits us. 

Though our freedom of movement has been greatly reduced there is a need to perform certain activities be it as frontline services or, with the general public, the need to shop for essentials or visit the chemist, etc. Our ability to make decisions will be based at points in time where we are faced with options some of which will be obvious whilst others on information supplied. Informative printed paraphernalia does help however it is limited to a single statement which can go out of date quickly so to avoid this there is the option of supplementing the core message with relevant and current supporting information which is constantly updated using the power of mobile devices and QR Codes.

QR Codes have been around for some time now, generally employed in niche areas, but now is possibly a time where it can help to build confidence in our decision making when faced with choices where in the past wouldn’t have been so critical. The lockdown will be lifted, freedom of movement will return however the speed with which this will happen is debatable. It is likely to be in stages as shown in other countries where restrictions have been slowly lifted and normal live returned to some extent. 

Consider times where you circulate and are presented with options whether walking the dog in the park, visiting the chemist on public transport, these kind of activities will require us to feel confident that doing so remains safe and is in accordance with recommendations being made by government as well as the service operators.

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