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Essilor is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the UK. Essilor was formed back in 1972 as part of an amalgamation of two French companies (Essel and Silor). With a global presence in around 100 countries the company employs 400 people in the UK and has developed some of the world’s most innovative prescription lenses.

Essilor is most famous for the Varilux lens which was the world’s first varifocal. A total of 300 million people around the world wear or have worn varifocal lenses. The company has 5 major brands that embody cutting edge lens technology and these are Varilux, Crizal, Zperio, Optifog and Transitions.


Essilor UK utilized a number of legacy web systems at the point of discussions with Rocktime all of whom no longer provided the level of access and engagement for their optical retail customer base. Though there was a strategy to replace or upgrade these at the time of introduction to Rocktime there had been no decision concerning digital supplier.

Hampered somewhat without an established relationship with such a digital supplier meant that there were uncertainties concerning what was achievable.


Essilor Online Lens Catalogue

Rocktime approached Essilor in 2013 as a prospect and, presenting itself as an innovative web development agency that was strategically led, was commissioned to replace an out of date online lens catalogue. From the outset, Rocktime provided ideas on the use of latest technology and improved means of engagement with their target market. As a B2B company that equally had to market itself to the end consumer meant that reference material provided to high street optician branches at the point of need had to be accessible and clear.

Clever interactive components allowed for an optician to search a lenses database entering in individual eye information in order to search for appropriate lenses and then use a Pricing Matrix Calculator to determine costs.

Other supporting functions included enabling an optician to add lenses to a favourite list for future reference as well as compile a print run of selected lens information.

Over a period of a number of years further enhancements were implemented including updating the system with a Responsive Framework to enable tablet users to view the system optimally.

Essilor & BBGR Loyalty Scheme

Having delivered the first project on budget and on time, the opportunity to discuss the next project ensued.

Essilor was in the process of reviewing their requirements for a loyalty scheme aimed at rewarding high street opticians for sales of Essilor and BBGR lens products. The proposed system involved developing a Customer Tier System that would group opticians based on their sales success within specific periods. Greater rewards were made available to spend loyalty points the more that opticians sold (and of specific product lines).

The Loyalty Scheme managed both Essilor and its sister company BBGR individually branded access to a secure login dashboard which presented opticians with sales data and associated loyalty points gained. Further information revolved around history of rewards and access to a ‘Benefits Catalogue’ which an optician could peruse to understand what rewards could be redeemed against their earned loyalty points.

The developed loyalty system included the means by which Essilor and BBGR could update optician data on a regular basis from internal business systems to ensure that the loyalty system was kept up to date. Responsive Framework offered opticians the ability to access the loyalty system from both tablet and mobile devices.

Essilor Lens Laboratory Websites

Having established a position as a preferred digital supplier to Essilor and group of associated companies, Rocktime took on the remit to redevelop a number of lens laboratories. The aim was to update their online profile to better reflect the individual businesses and provide up to date information on each.

Developing a website template Rocktime set about rolling out 5 individually branded laboratory websites each integrated with an online lens ordering system run by an Essilor supplier. These websites are as follows:

BBGR Corporate Website

As part of supporting Essilor and group of companies, Rocktime commenced a process of discussion with its sister company BBGR concerning updating its online position with the development of a corporate website. Establishing the target audience Rocktime created a website that reflected the business and brand whilst providing information on its product lines.

BBGR Career Website

During discussions concerning the corporate website, the topic of recruitment was covered and led to a recommendation by Rocktime to develop a standalone recruitment portal that would focus itself on delivering insight into the culture and ethos of the business. The aim was to provide potential candidates with information on roles within the business and examples of individuals within the business with their career aspirations and daily activity. Further information on awards and initiatives enable the business to promote itself as a business committed to continually looking after the wellbeing of its staff.

Signet Armorlite Europe – Kodak Lens

An introduction was made by Essilor to another company within the group Signet Armorlite Europe who held the licence to the Kodak brand for the lens market. Their requirement was to redevelop the Kodak Lens B2C website providing it with a facelift so that it accounted for an updated brand identity and revisited content relating to the business and its products.

Signet Armorlite Europe Loyalty Scheme

Based on the same system used by Essilor and BBGR a version was created for the Kodak Lens brand to support the retail optician base of customer.

Kodak Lens Retail Partner
Microsite Programme

Signet Armorlite Europe opened discussions with Rocktime with regards to providing its retail partner customer base with some form of internet footprint or improvement on what existed that would expand the current marketing support offered to retailers. The challenge was to create a means by which opticians could be provided with a cost-effective web presence that would present the association between Kodak Lens and the retailer.

The result has been the development of a centralized microsite builder that has enabled Rocktime to build individually branded optician websites using a Responsive Framework each with a CMS that offers an optician the ability to update page information on an ongoing basis as well as Signet Armorlite Europe the means to broadcast newsworthy information to all released microsites.

Additional functionality includes the ability for site visitors to book an eye test. Examples of these microsites are as follows:


Rocktime has successfully implemented digital strategy and website and business system deliverables since 2013 and continues to provide its services to Essilor and associated group of companies with the provision of digital design and development services as well as ongoing support, warranty and hosting.

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