Energy & Utility

The Energy & Utility market is continuing on a path of digital transformation as companies seek to engage more closely with their customers whilst also streamlining service offerings and launch new innovative products. Additionally, competition from smaller utility companies has spurred the need to partner with other companies and as such become a full-service provider.

The world of personalisation has seen a fundamental shift in the Energy & Utility sector from the mass market mentality to one that engages with customers on a one-on-one basis tailoring services and empowering individuals to control how they consume it. This trans-active energy needs a two-way system and a customer base who are involved with the dynamic pricing process. The result of this is the need to define and bring about the right balance between environment, security of supply and cost pressures. 

Sophisticated energy and utility intelligence

Renewable Energy, wind and solar power have focused attention on competitive energy plans with tools to enable customers to gain insight into their consumption. Utilities are therefore becoming more customer-centric.

Technology as a tool is offering companies the ability to not only interact with their customer base but also improve on their own internal business processes (such as customer services). Taking mobile technology as an example the freedom to release a workforce to function remotely improves the carbon footprint of the company. 

Rocktime can assist in the marketing and development of business systems of evolving business models to satisfy customer demands for greater access to information.

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