Software Project Rescue

If you have a challenging bespoke software project, then no doubt you're facing once of several issues which have resulted in your decision to seek alternative assistance... we're here to help you bring your project back on track!

It is certainly not uncommon for software projects to fail, and we know there are numerous reasons why this can happen, but what is often underestimated is the potential damage to the business from the operational and financial impact of project failure.

Problems often experienced: 

  • Project slip or overrun with no view of an endpoint
  • Loss or lack of key user knowledge
  • Lack of correct resourcing
  • Poor use of software technology
  • Stalled projects
  • Stakeholders not fully engaged
  • Commercial dispute

Solid Experience and Expertise

Rest assured that Rocktime can help you to bring these projects back on track, whatever the reasons behind it. We have solid experience and expertise to help rescue the project, whether it's big or small, operational or business critical. 

The fact that we’ve been helping companies of all sizes to successfully deliver business-critical software projects for over 20 years now means that we’ve been there before and have a team of experts at hand that understand not just the myriad of technical challenges that may have to be addressed but also the need to ensure that the various stakeholders are engaged in harmony, whether at senior board, management or department level, to ensure there is a cohesive agreement to move forward and get the project back on track.

The first step is the most important and it’s all about discovery. We need to understand why the project is where it is and establish clear strategic objectives and vision to bring it back on track. Once we have that in place, we can then develop a plan tailored specifically for you that clearly explains what we are going to do, how it is going to be implemented, who needs to be involved at specific milestones, and most importantly when each phase of the project will be delivered, in line with your budgetary and business requirements.

If you are currently faced with challenges from a software project and feel that you would benefit from our project rescue services, please get in touch.

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