The Value of Discovery

My role within the company as Systems Architect and Software Developer tends to involve early client engagement and, at this stage, I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum from an informed and knowledgeable project team to one that has little to no project buy in.

In all cases in my opinion, these early stages of client engagement are fundamental to the success of a project. The pitching, tendering and negotiations have been completed and we’ve succeeded in securing the business so now its time to deliver the Discovery Workshop!

There’s no quick and easy way for a software company to get to know a client so being able to take the time and meet all project participants helps to establish clear objectives and drivers across their business. Post ‘smiles and handshakes’ allows all parties to gain an understanding of their roles within the delivery of the project and being able to establish individual levels of understanding and experience helps to shape the way that we engage with them, with what and when. This forms the basis of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

With a captive audience it generally gives us a point in time to discover what current works through to what causes stress with the current platform. Brainstorming ideas ensues resulting in excitement at the prospect of seeing real change through Digital Transformation. With everyone involved, and all comments captured, it gives the team a real opportunity to gain buy-in at this early stage.

So who should get involved?

It’s important to have a project team that encompasses all parties involved in directing the project client side as well as the user base that will manage it on a daily basis and ideally the end user who will engage with it periodically. A balanced project team leads to ‘balance’ when considering risk and opportunities which will help to shape the evolution of the project as well as a vision for future expansion and we use MoSCoW (Must have, Should have , Could have and Won’t have) method for prioritisation to support this

And the outcome is. . . 

Always positive! We’re able to challenge the brief and the ambitions in a way that’s not always possible for a client. The insights gained invariably pull the team together with a common understanding concerning the development cycle, budget and timescales.

Success! Project delivered and on to the next one. . . 

If you have a requirement which you feel would benefit from such an approach please get in touch and we’ll help shape a Discovery Workshop that will add immediate value to the delivery of your project.

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