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Getting the right strategy starts with a process of getting to know you and your objectives. To do this, we need to understand the vision of your company, your level of understanding of the digital world as well as your position in the digital landscape. Your requirements from us will differ from our other clients; therefore, we work with you to identify where you are on the digital maturity cycle so that we are able to offer you the service that you require.

We believe that no matter who you are, there is a common path that should be travelled which will help you to identify threats and opportunities along the way for business advantage and growth. Our digital and software expertise allows us to engage with you at senior board, management or department level to help define your goals and ambitions and then hone solutions to enable you to realise them. We work within the SME market, with medium sized organisations through to large multi-nationals across market sectors and territories in their various languages to plan, develop and deliver digital strategies time and time again.

Our Strategy

Our process of engagement is entirely dependent on your needs so we tailor our service so that it is flexible, fair and cost effective with constant reviews to ensure that you are informed and satisfied with our involvement.

Rocktime uses fundamentals of the SOSTAC cycle for digital strategy projects.

  1. Analyse organisational environment to understand organisation’s online value proposition, digital landscape, their audience and current digital performance.
  2. Identify areas of immediate impact with an ongoing process to help us make constant recommendations as opportunities arise.
  3. Help organisations set realistic and achievable digital objectives that are in line with overall business / marketing objectives and use them as a guide for setting strategies.
  4. Define strategies to achieve objectives – optimisation strategy, audience engagement and social media strategy, website content and user experience strategy etc.
  5. After the initial situation analysis, objective and overarching strategy setting, Rocktime provides a quarterly / yearly roadmap to outline recommended relevant tactics and activities with timelines.
  6. Develop an action plan for each tactic to be implemented – Who, What ,When and Where with specific key performance indicators (KPI) defined.

We encourage and help clients monitor performance and improve upon it.

If you are considering your digital strategy and you feel you would benefit from expert advice please get in touch.

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